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Outlook for 2020

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31 Dez 2019 14:59 #230997 von Dr-DJet 450 SL 107.044 1973 Schweiz
Outlook for 2020 wurde erstellt von Dr-DJet
Dear StarTimers,

it is my 3rd year of running this forum and it is time to look back what was achieved and also look forward to our new year.

During 2019 we all achieved a lot. It is is you who made Sternzeit 107 successful with your many actions. That makes me and the team proud! I want to thank most important contributors. Year by year we have more engaged people contributing to our passion with activities in the area of technical issues and social activities as well. That is the award that I long for.

  • Frank25 has issued many new of your articles. Additionally he collects hundreds of thousands of datacards.
  • Obelix116 is not only our top mechanic and moderator, together we have also presented our 10th D-Jetronic workshop, our 2nd Heating and A/C workshop as well as our 1st K-Jetronic workshop
  • Texasdriver560, os4 and munniunmicki organized our Mosel tour
  • HaJoKo031 organized our 1 weeks tour in the Alpes at Großglockner
  • Gerd organized a picknick with Havelland tour
  • The team Gullydeckel, TomRamoser, Chromix and me did a very fine translation of the English 560 SL owner's manual ti German and we even got it printed.
  • This translation even won the support of Daimler AG Vorstand
  • Ragetti and juliusmst motivate you to upload and later share documents
  • In addition to Esslinger Schraubertreff we now have new grease monkey meetings in Rheinland and Frankfurt area.
  • TomRamoser desings stickers that are long gone and Marcel distributes them.

As always it is a matter of doing good things and talking about it. That will create many more to support the idea of Sternzeit 107 with passion.

many might say that there is hardly any new things to discover on 48 to 30 year old cars. Completely wrong! With your support we will continue also in 2020 where we never stopped:

  • Our international friends from Benzworld, Australia and all over the world have started to recognize Sternzeit 107. I would very much wish that you discuss lively on our English forum.
  • Hopefully many new technical articles. If I see more interest from international people, I will also continue to translate more of our German articles.
  • We will have 2 instead of 1 K-Jetronic workshop and also have a new one on how to repair scratches form our pro merc450.
  • TomRamoser, Ragetti und Frank25 are deepls involved in decrypting production plates
  • Frank25 continues to collect all datacards. We have all 78-89 datacards from region Nurnberg and Cologne on microfiche. And we are hopeful to get them all.
  • We already plan 2-3 tours in 2020. Großglockner alpes und Elsass will be organized again by HaJoKo031. I would welcome someone from Allgäu to organize an excursion there..
  • More grease monkey meetings in new regions would be also very nice.
  • I will install my Jetronic lab

There is so much more to do. I need your help!

I wish you all an exciting and active new decade with Startime 107 !

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Viele Schraubergrüße - best regards, Volker alias Dr-DJet und K-Jet Forscher, Admin und Betreiber dieser Webseite
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