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Is it possible to swap a post 85 differential into an earlier body?

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09 Okt 2021 19:42 #283997
von bcm5 Standard (Europa) 500 SL 107.046 1983
I have a1983 500 SL with 2.24 ratio and ABS. I would like to get a limit slip higher ratio for a little more acceleration, possibly 2.65/2.72/2.88. I have not found anyone locally who is willing to do a gear swap, so my preference is to get a complete diff. I want to retain my ABS, so none of the pre 1980 diffs will work. The rear cover on post 1985 diffs incorporates a mounting point, but I assume I can swap to the earlier cover. Are there other reasons/issues that prevent a swap (diff axle inputs, mounting details etc.)? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide. 

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