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16 Sep 2018 10:00 #193436 von SL450UK 450 SL 107.044 1973 Standard (Europa)
Radiator wurde erstellt von SL450UK
My radiator (wasserkuhler) is getting old! Although it does not leak, it is 45 years old. I have obtained a price to get it refurbished, however, I have found a new, Denso radiator that should fit for less than half of the price of refurbishment. As my car will never be a "show car", I'm not too worried if I fit an aftermarket (Denso) radiator rather than getting my Behr radiator refurbished.My car has no air conditioning.
So to my question: the information that I can obtain states that the Denso radiator will fit a 380 (without air conditioning) from 1980 or 1981. Looking at Teilekatalog, I can see that a 380 and a 450 both had the same original radiator:A1075010901. However, the radiator for the 380 is replaced by A1075011701 and the 450 by A1075011201 in the Teilekatalog.
Does anybody know what the difference between the two numbers is? As both versions had the same radiator at build, surely the replacements should be the same?

Grateful for any help,

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16 Sep 2018 10:40 #193443 von Dr-DJet 450 SL 107.044 1973 Schweiz
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Hi Andy,

the 450 SL only received the A 107 501 12 01 in Australia/Sweden/Japan. Otherwise it sticked to A 107 501 09 01.

What is strange in EPC is that there is no "up to" no for 380 SL for 09 01. Only its successors 13 01 (up to 9131) and 17 01 are mentioned. It could be that this is an error in EPC. That is why we should wait and see what our expert Obelix116 will reply.

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16 Sep 2018 12:56 #193452 von Obelix116
Obelix116 antwortete auf Radiator
in my opinion there´s only one way to answer your question :

Rebuild your original Radiator, there is nothing like the Quality of an Behr Radiator. When it gets installed a new cooling net it´s way better than an aftermarket product !!



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