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update from 1 year ago, 107 loss of performance

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29 Nov 2020 20:08 #263714 by letank
Sorry, but I cannot seem to find my previous post, so to recap it is a 1979 450sl, federal model with very very low miles, 28xxx at the moment, inherited 16 years ago with 18xxx miles, located in San Francisco Bay Area.

I thought that the ignition was failing, the coil was hot, uncomfortable to the touch... so I replaced it with a bosch blue, made in Germany, not the Brazil made version... then tried to find an ignition box, I grab 2 from the junkyard during the next few months... then the pandemy hit... and being an SL, the roof is not installed ...

I bought an oscilloscope from picotech , the 2200 series, I could not get my previous built in computer oscilloscope to work.

The scope pattern is fine, at idle after a drive thru town... after the engine started to "misfire" or hiccup when demanding power... but idle fine.

So my new step is to find about the fuel pump... testing is a bit tricky , I hate gasoline shower, so the easiest was to order a new pump so I can compare amperage draw between the new and the old pump. The fuel filter was replaced less than 3000 miles ago, about 5 years ago...

thank you for your reading and suggestions

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29 Nov 2020 22:54 #263730 by Dr-DJet

might that be as you have opened that previous discussion on my other website jetronic.org/de/forum/introduction-vorst...rnia-1979-with-tsz-4 ?

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