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Polstercode SLC 1979-1981

Ihr wollt wissen, wie Euer Stoff-, MB-Tex oder Lederpolster von 1979-1981 ausgesehen hat? Frank hat alle Polstercodes komplett von Originalen gescanned und direkt am Objekt dargestellt. Dazu auch die Information, welche Farben dann Türverkleidung, Armaturenbrett und Himmel hatten.

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US VIN as of Aug 1983

As of August 1983 the US has its own 17 character long VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Unfortunately this VIN does not comply with the internationally used FIN (Fahrzug Identifikations Nr. or Fahrgestell Nr.) used by MB elsewhere. So all official papers in the US use this VIN. It can be decoded to an MB international FIN and you can read model year, safety restraint system and production plant form it. Here is even a program to decode it.

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SL/C Farb/color codes

Ihr wollt wissen, wie Euer SL oder SLC in einer anderen Farbe aussieht? Frank hat alle Lackcodes komplett von Originalen gescanned und direkt am Objekt dargestellt. Schaut selbst.

Want to know how your SL or SLC looks like in a different color? Frank scanned every single paint code from original and it's directly displayed on the object. Have a look!

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Codes for special version

Many of the data cards for our 107 SLs and SLCs are not available or wrongly decoded in EPC. That's why Frank has listed all codes for special version (SA) and added its original description to it. That's what should enable you to decode your data card yourself.

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