Becker Radio in the 70s published an installation instruction 06/1975 till 07/1977 for one and two block devices to be installed in 107 SL / SLC.für die Ein- und Zweiblockgeräte in den MB 107 SL / SLC. Frank shows that installation to us in this article. It is valid for Becker Europa Stereo, Grand Prix Stereo, Monza Cassette and Mexico Cassette.

Article by frank25

Radio Becker installation instructions for older 1 and 2 block devices into 107 SL/SLC

Valid for: Europa Stereo, Grand Prix Stereo, Monza Cassette, Mexico Cassette from 6/1975 till 7/1977 - afterwards a different front-rear control was used.

Installation of Receiver


Important instructions:

  1. Installation is not possibel in car with positive to ground battery system because all radio receivers are wired negative to ground.
  2. When installing receiver pay attention to proper ground connections.
  3. Disconnect battery to avoid shorts.

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